ICapsulation Treatment


Today, an effective and often preferred an alternative to bonnet/rotary cleaning is i-capsulation. In the i-capsulation process, the carpet is vacuumed to remove dry particulate soils (remember, 79 percent of all the soil in your carpet is dry particulate, which is most easily and thoroughly removed when dry, so vacuuming is actually the most important step in carpet cleaning) and then a chemical agent is applied to the carpeting and agitated into the pile. Once agitated into the pile, the chemical contacts the sticky, oily soils that cling to the carpet fibers, surrounds them, and removes them from the fiber either by suspending the soil (the chemical surrounds the soil particle) or emulsifying it (the soil is dissolved in the chemical like a powdered drink mix in water).

Once the soil is removed and either suspended or emulsified, the chemical dries to a non-sticky, flaky crystal that can then be removed by vacuuming. Normally, it takes about 30 minutes for the i-capsulation chemical to dry, depending on environmental factors. When the chemical is dry, the soil-bearing crystals can be removed with a thorough vacuuming.

It is meant for 24X7 working offices and can give you optimum results in any weather condition.



Step 1 – Roller Brush Vacuuming :

Step One is vacuuming the carpet for thorough removal of loose dirt. The parallel brushes, with suction, extract loose dirt effectively. Dirt sticking to the fibers is extracted. This is a more thorough form of cleaning than with a dry vacuum.

Brush-type vacuums are not suitable for carpets with high fibers. The long fibers could get wrapped up inside the brush and damage the carpet.

Step 1 – continued :

For roller brush vacuuming, we use a Karcher Roller Brush Vacuum machine.

These machines are very efficient in the thorough extraction of dirt from the carpet fibers.


1. The iCapsol solution is sprayed on the carpet

The cleaning agent is either sprayed on the carpet manually by means of a sprayer or by means of the BRC 50/70, which is provided with a special iCapsol tank. The quantity sprayed on is ca. 50ml/m2 depending on the degree of pollution.

2. The cleaning agent is worked in the carpet.

The cleaning agent is now worked in the carpet by using a Roller brush system.

3. Drying time

During the drying time the cleaning agent crystallises, binding the soil enduringly. Due to the small quantity of cleaning agent required, the drying time is very short, say 20-120 minutes depending on the applied quantity, the distribution of it on the carpet and the climatic conditions.

4. Removal by vacuuming

After complete drying, the crystallized cleaning agent is removed by means of a Carpet vacuum cleaner.


1. Dirty Carpet

2. Spray & Work-in Solution

3. Vacuum the Icapsulated Dirt Out of the Carpet

4. Carpet is Cleaned


There are a number of benefits to using i-capsulation over bonnet cleaning. First, i-capsulation methods typically use a dual counter-rotating brush machine to agitate the chemical into the carpet pile. Not only is this type of system easier to operate on the carpet, it has a “pile-lifting” effect on the carpet that lifts and combs the fibers and creates a much better appearance. Secondly, an i-capsulating chemical will leave behind far less residue than a typical bonnet cleaning. This means that the carpet will not attract soil and will retain a good appearance longer.

Finally, i-capsulation cleaning can be an effective process in managing facility. I-capsulation cleaning uses far less water and time than bonnet/rotary cleaning. Plus, i-capsulation cleaning can be done three to four times between water extractions, which will help to maintain a clean, consistent appearance, which is exactly what an end users desire.


  • Clean and hygienic Carpets
  • Simple to work with
  • Fast drying
  • Quickly possible to be re-walked Less use of detergent
  • No residues to be cleaned
  • Considerable savings in costs
  • It is done in longer time Intervals
  • You get Intensive Cleaning
  • Removal of sticking or coarse dirt, which affects the appearance of the surface.
  • In general, deep cleaning is done in longer time intervals.
  • Intensive cleaning

Before I-Capsulation