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I-Capsulation Treatment

In the i-capsulation process, the carpet is vacuumed to remove dry particulate soils and then a chemical agent is applied to the carpeting and agitated into the pile. Once agitated into the pile, the chemical contacts the sticky, oily soils that cling to the carpet fibers, surrounds them, and removes them from the fiber either by suspending the soil or emulsifying it.

Hot Water Extraction Treatment

Most major carpet manufacturers recommend Hot Water Extraction as the most effective way to clean their carpets. And for some types of carpets, hot water extraction is the only safe method. Unless you’re sure that your carpet will not be damaged by alternate methods, opt for hot water extraction – better safe than sorry!

Chair, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

We also provide Chair, Sofa and Upholstery cleaning services. We take on any job – from cleaning a single chair, sofa or a piece of upholstery, to as many as required.

We use the latest techniques to increase the life of your equipment.

Interior Product

We at VISHESH SOLUTIONS regularly look and bring out new innovative ideas for our clients and providing the best possible solutions for it. We project ourselves as Solution Provider of office interior, we have the entire range of products to suffice every requirement of an office interior.


Better Health

Carpet cleaning removes trapped pollutants, dust mites and prevents mold growth. Mold in dirty carpets can generate mycotoxins which make air unsafe for breathing. Regular carpet cleaning eliminates all these.

Pleasant Work Space

A clean carpet makes the work place much quieter and more pleasant.

Cost Effective

Carpet is not frequently cleaned means higher cleaning costs for cleaning the air-conditioning pipes

Improved Productivity

A healthy and pleasant environment is much more employee friendly. People subconsciously tend to work much better in such a space. Productivity goes up.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Improves indoor air quality.

No Noise Pollution

Reduces noise pollution through sound absorption.

Product Partnerships

What our clients say

I am Tinu Singh Facility Head at Info Edge India Ltd., we are using carpet cleaning services from VISHESH SOLUTIONS for the last 2 years and are very happy to see the results of treatment they give to the carpet tiles.

We would like to strongly recommend VISHESH SOLUTIONS for the best carpet cleaning services, they actually are the CARPET KA DOCTOR as they said that and only Certified Vendor from CRI-USA. Vishesh is not only cleaning our carpet but through the various treatments they rejuvenated the life of our carpet.

Tinu Singh Facility Head at Info Edge India Ltd

Very good Service. They are very professional and timely in their work. We would like to continue taking their services.

I S King

Very professional and cost effective. They took over our office for the weekend and returned it next Monday – clean, hygienic and with nice smelling carpets. They explained every step. We would definitely recommend Carpet Cleaning Hub (Vishesh Solutions) to others.

AB Singh JLLM Facilities Head

Definitely happy with the services received from Carpet Cleaning Hub (Vishesh Solutions). Jyoti Pardeshi and her team did a fantastic job. We have already recommended them to other companies.

PQ Raj KP Enterprises

Who we are?

We are your “Carpet Doctors” and Carpet Cleaning for organizations is our passion. Our Vision is to brand Carpet Cleaning Hub (Vishesh Solutions) as The Carpet Cleaning Hub (The Vishesh Solutions).

  • Trained technicians, using only branded biodegradable and non-toxic products
  • Customized Carpet Cleaning Programs, as our technicians have knowledge of different carpet types
  • Guarantee reliable service, with professional and uncompromising quality
  • Backed with affordability and competitive pricing

Our Expertise

ICapsulation Treatment
Hot Water Extraction
Upholstery Cleaning
Interior Product

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Vishesh Solutions can service all of your carpet cleaning needs using up-to-date carpet manufacturer’s recommendations to remove dirt & harmful bacteria from your carpet.

We consider ourselves as specialists in carpet cleaning, and we take on specialized jobs in Carpet Maintenance.

We not only clean a Carpet, we actually rejuvenate its life, color & texture, by providing Hot Water Extraction Treatment & I-Capsulation Treatment. We are the first & only Indian Company who has been awarded the Seal of Approval from CRI (Carpet & Rugs & Institute USA).

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